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Rick and Morty characters from my Adult Swim ident.



How to have your mind blown:

1. Design a character for a logo for a comedy show with insanely talented people on it.

2. Have said show garner insanely cool fans, one of which dresses up as said character at Comic-Con.

3. Attend Comic-Con to sign books, having no idea about said fan.

4. Have one of your favorite comedians, Stephen Colbert, dress up as Prince Hawkcat, attend Comic-Con (where you are signing books in the same building) and pitch a fake movie on his (Stephen Colbert’s) comedy show to the real guy dressed as the character you designed for a totally different comedy show.

5. Later that night, run into the fan dressed as your character on the street,  having no idea about the Colbert incident.

6. See said fan on Colbert, months later, and try to bend your mind around all the variables involved in this.

And: your mind is blown. Congratulations!

I was so excited when I saw this happen on my television screen!


Time is a flat circle.

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